WasteEng2024 Conference will be held at Tohoku University (TU)

Photo courtesy of Tohoku University

Tohoku University
Kawauchi Campus
41 Kawauchi, Aoba-ku
Building A 02

Map of the campus

The registration desk, the conference rooms and the poster sessions will be located at Building A 02 (lecture rooms A).

The lunches will be served at the Restaurant (Building B 01), located close to the conference rooms.

The general map of Kawauchi Campus is available here.


Kawauchi Campus (Tohoku University) location

Kawauchi Campus is located to the East of the city, close to Aobayama campus.

Kawauchi Campus by subway

Kawauchi Campus is easily reached with the subway, using the Tozai line, to Kawauchi station (South exit).

Kawauchi station is the 4th station from Sendai station.

Kawauchi Campus by taxi

The Kawauchi Campus is easily reacheable by taxi from anywhere in the City of Sendai.


Sendai city

Sendai is the capital of Miyagi Prefecture and the largest city in the northeast of Japan (about 1.1 million inhabitants). In Sendai you could combine leasure and well-preserved historical sites / architectural treasures.

Sendai is a green city, surrounded by mountains. The Hirose River flows through the center, separating the busy downtown from the old castle site.

Sendai is called ‘the city of trees” since major streets are lined with towering green trees which change to a brilliant golden hue in autumn and are magnificently illuminated in winter.

Very well organised, affordable and accessible public transports should allow you to enjoy moving in the city and surburb Sendai.

How to reach Sendai?

Sendai is easily reachable from Tokyo (Tokyo station or Ueno station) by Shinkansen (JR East) in about 1 hour and a half. For non Japanese residents, JR Pass (national or regional for Tohoku) could be purchased to get unlimited travels with JR company (and some partners).

To be done!

  • The Loople sightseeing bus
  • The famous dish: grilled beef tongue, called gyutan